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Freshfields Hub

Reimagining the way we work

The Freshfields Hub brings together lawyers, technologists, legal support staff and process improvement specialists, who together design more agile and efficient ways to deliver our legal services. Everything the Hub does is tailored to the needs of our clients.

The Hub was established in response to the increasing complexity of our clients’ needs: mass claims, global investigations, cross-border M&A – all require sophisticated legal judgement and involve huge volumes of data.

The Hub applies cutting-edge tools (including document automation and AI) to tasks such as due diligence, document review, regulatory surveys, contract production, antitrust and competition law analysis and research.

With locations throughout Europe and Asia, the Hub operates across time zones and in more than 30 languages. A focus on innovation and continuous improvement ensures that we and our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Key Hub capabilities

Our bespoke process-management product streamlines due diligence (DD), a vital part of the M&A process, showing both buy- and sell-side clients a transaction’s risks and key information.

We are also developing an online system that contains all the DD documents in a structured form. Via the system, our clients can: review DD results (with links to the underlying information); choose to display information as text, tables or graphics; and continue to access the information post-transaction.

Our client needed to identify and review specific provisions from thousands of documents in a short timescale, with no time to conduct a wholly manual review.

Applying a machine-learning translation tool, our Manchester and European Hubs worked together to apply the tool and conduct the review, enabling our client to eliminate irrelevant documents, meet the deadline and significantly reduce the time needed for the review.

Our client was carving out a business unit into a new legal entity, changing parties in their legal documents. A huge document review would check for red flags, including change of control, assignment and termination for convenience. 

Large volumes of documents in a range of languages had to be processed fast but findings needed to be clear and accessible. Freshfields deployed a cutting-edge machine learning (artificial intelligence) software tool that takes reviewers directly to relevant wording for a time saving of around 30 per cent.

Freshfields has ‘taught’ our AI to work in multiple languages and recognise client-specific wording.

Our multijurisdictional Monitoring and Regulatory Surveys (MARS) service operates out of our Freshfields Hub in Manchester.

MARS draws on our own lawyers’ knowledge, our StrongerTogether network of partner firms and other local counsel to allow clients to understand and compare the laws and regulations that affect their business across 160 markets worldwide.

Need to know what rules will affect the marketing of a new product across your region? Want regular updates on regulatory changes in your sector across multiple markets? Our MARS service can help.

The service is managed through an intelligent collaboration platform to automate the administrative tasks. Accessible on any internet-connected device, the MARS service allows clients access via any desktop or mobile device to search, view and export content in customised or complete reports.

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Olivia Balson, Global Centre Director

Christina Spenke, Head of Freshfields Hub, CE