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Freshfields Lab

Developing tech-based solutions with our clients

The Freshfields Lab is a vital part of our response to the rapidly advancing digital landscape. It is a space where we work collaboratively with clients to explore digital technologies and develop new ways of working that tackle the challenges and opportunities stemming from digitisation across the legal sector and clients’ own industry sectors.

Today’s mass claims litigation, global transactions, global investigations, cyber risks, and complex competition issues mean that clients need a combination of sophisticated legal advice and bespoke technology-based solutions.

At the Freshfields Lab, we combine world-class legal advice and technological expertise to improve our unique approach to client experience.


The Freshfields Lab reflects our connected approach to innovation, and is a unique part of our global client service offering.

The Lab’s first location is Berlin, the epicentre of the European start-up scene. From here we will build the Freshfields Lab as a truly global initiative.

Further examples of Freshfields’ approach to innovation include the firm’s associate intrapreneurship programme and The Freshfields Hub.

A different way of collaborating with our clients

In the Freshfields Lab we co-create solutions with our clients by working with their legal teams but also their IT departments, executives and digital experts. The solutions we build together solve problems that are unsolvable without the implementation of technology.

Lab projects use agile working methods that leverage fluid, multidisciplinary teams. The leader of a project could be anyone: a lawyer, a technologist or a member of the innovation team. It represents a new way of working for us that helps unlock the creative potential of our people. This new way of working encourages cognitive diversity and breaks down hierarchies, which is essential for successful innovation.

The Lab has already started to redefine the way we work as lawyers. A number of Freshfields’ lawyers split their time between developing the Lab and – at the same time – remain engaged in traditional client work. This means the ethos of the Lab is embedded in the DNA of the firm.

The Lab is a dynamic network which brings together the right people for solving challenges. This includes bringing on board start-ups, software providers and academia. Berlin’s start-up campus known as The Factory, the first location of the Freshfields Lab, provides an excellent environment to do exactly that.

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Freshfields Lab leadership team

Gerrit Beckhaus, Partner 

Lukas Treichl, Associate

Sonia Awan, Global Head of Innovation Architecture