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Applying for a workshop

A workshop offers the chance to get an inside view of Freshfields.

We offer a variety of workshops, events and schemes to gain valuable insight into life at Freshfields.

Spring scheme

Application window: 10 October 2022 to 16 February 2023

This two-day scheme will help you develop your understanding of our selection process and the demonstrable skills you need to secure a place on our vacation scheme. Following this workshop, you may be invited to be fast-tracked for a vacation scheme interview commencing in 2023. This workshop is open to both first-year students on both law and non-law on a three-year course and second-year students on a four-year course.

If you’re applying for the spring scheme and your application is successful, you’ll be invited to the second stage of the process. This involves completing the Watson Glaser test, which assesses your critical-thinking skills.


Graduate workshop

Applications closed

For graduates of all disciplines, this practical one-day workshop will tell you more about how to apply to Freshfields, including insights from lawyers who applied at a later stage.

Non-law workshop

Applications now closed.

This practical one-day workshop will tell you more about how to apply to Freshfields and includes insights from lawyers who studied a subject other than law. The event is open to undergraduate students who are studying non-law degree disciplines.