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About Nicholas Squire

Nicholas' clients value not only the breadth of his legal knowhow, but also his commercial sense. This enables him to appreciate how particular options might be affected by what might be acceptable to shareholders, and by their impact on the company’s reputation.

Nicholas works on the principle that a fair deal is more likely to prove to be a satisfactory deal, and his seasoned, hands-on experience means that he is always likely to find one.

He acts for clients on both contentious and non-contentious employment law, and also advises on a wide range of employee benefits, share scheme and pensions issues.

Nicholas' clients are generally large FTSE100 firms or international companies from a wide range of sectors.

His cases often extend over multiple jurisdictions, with local laws from several different countries having to be taken into account. 

Nicholas' management and communication skills enable him to work with teams of lawyers from the various jurisdictions involved, and to interpret the various requirements so that clients have a clear understanding of the possibilities.

Clients describe Nicholas as a good man to have beside them in a difficult situation, not least because of his ability to focus on key pressure points before they become problems, enabling clients to take considered steps to avoid them.

Nicholas speaks French and English.