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Public M&A in the United States

Top 40 US public M&A deals survey

Identifying trends in the largest deals of 2015-18.

If you are embarking on a transformative transaction, understanding how the US public M&A landscape is changing could give you an invaluable advantage.

Our lawyers have taken an in-depth look at the merger agreements for the top 40 US domestic and inbound deals by value over the last four years. 

Using data visualization "stories", our resulting survey shows how the features of US public M&A deals have shifted over recent years. For example, all-cash transactions are becoming more popular but regulatory reverse break fees less so. We also look at how, in some cases, results differ for the top 12 "mega deals" in any given year.

The stories are accompanied by analysis suggesting the reasons for these trends – and provide some insights as to what to expect in the future.