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Event occurred on: 10-21-2021

How the new ICCA Guidelines on Standards of Practice in International Arbitration may contribute to international arbitrations seated in Brazil

Time: 9:00-10:15 am (BRT) / 8:00-09:15 am (ET)
Location: Zoom

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In June 2021, the ICCA released the Guidelines on Standards of Practice in International Arbitration. The guidelines intend to enhance transparency and efficiency in international arbitrations through the application of principles and international protocols directing the conduct of parties’ representatives, arbitrators and other individuals involved in the arbitration. In this panel organized by Freshfields during the 2021 Sao Paulo Arbitration Week, the panelists will address the content and goals of the ICCA Guidelines, as well as the advantages of applying the ICCA Guidelines in international arbitrations seated in Brazil. Counsel Alex Wilbraham and Principal Associate Ricardo Gardini de Andrade will moderate the panel.

Note that this program will be conducted in Portuguese.

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Freshfields Speakers: