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Over 40% of businesses have no contingency plan in place

Crisis management

Containing a crisis in a digital age

More than one-quarter of crises spread to international media within an hour and over two-thirds within 24 hours.

Despite six out of 10 cases providing days if not months of notice, it still takes an average of 21 hours for companies to respond, leaving them open to ‘trial by Twitter’.

We interviewed over 100 PR professionals to find out how large organisations handle crisis management in traditional and online media.

News about two-thirds of crises crossed international borders. In over a third of cases, social media played a major role in how the story spread globally.

  • On average, information about corporate crises spreads to 11 countries.
  • In two-thirds of cases, the impact of the crisis was temporary. For the remaining third, it caused long-term damage.
  • Over half of the companies suffered a loss of revenue, while over a quarter said they suffered a drop in share price.

Organisations that plan and rehearse potential crisis scenarios are in a much stronger position to react quickly and effectively when a crisis hits.