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Navigating the ESG investment landscape

How to access new pools of ESG capital

ESG investment landscape

ESG investing has become a widely adopted strategy for mainstream and socially responsible investors to help identify the downside risk and upside potential of individual investments. In response, companies are having to adjust their own investment and expansion strategies to access the increasingly important sources of ESG investment capital.

Our report looks beyond generic illustrations of positive impact to understand the quantitative metrics asset managers and fund industry service providers use to evaluate corporate performance on ESG criteria. It also considers the practical consequences of our analysis for companies seeking to access the rapidly growing pools of ESG investment capital by making themselves impact-investible.

We interviewed 13 asset managers and fund industry service providers and reviewed 150 articles, interviews, publications, reports, and studies to understand how investors assess the avalanche of ESG data. Read our report understand the current consensus among many of the thought leaders in the asset management industry.