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Workplace misconduct investigations

Handling sensitive investigations with care and expertise

Allegations of interpersonal misconduct in the workplace can have a severe impact on a company’s business. If not managed swiftly, properly, and fairly, these allegations can pose significant legal, regulatory, and reputational risks. When these allegations arise, companies must act quickly to develop facts, determine credibility, and reach independent and objective findings.

Freshfields’ team of investigations, litigation and crisis management attorneys regularly leads investigations into alleged workplace misconduct. We help clients determine what may have happened, how it may have happened, and what to do next. We are also skilled at handling a range of follow-on litigation, including shareholders who may act if they believe that corporate culture has contributed to the atmosphere in which the alleged misconduct occurred.

Our team is comprised of lawyers with deep experience in both private practice and the government. Many of our lawyers are former US federal prosecutors, including one lawyer who previously specialized in the investigation and prosecution of sexual abuse and harassment cases.

We conduct investigations with professionalism, discretion, and sensitivity, balancing empathy with a critical eye towards biases and credibility.

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