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30% Club

Targeted initiatives for gender

As part of our ongoing commitment towards supporting gender equity, we are committed to supporting wider change beyond the firm.

We have an ongoing partnership with the 30% Club, a group of business leaders who believe gender balance on boards encourages improved leadership and governance and contributes to better all-round performance. We are founding members in the UK, US, Hong Kong and Italy, and have expanded our offering to involve MENA.

Freshfields has been involved in the 30% Club Cross-Company Mentoring Scheme in the UK since its pilot in 2013. Fast forward to today, the Scheme has evolved into Mission Gender Equity and is now the largest cross-company mentoring programme in the world, and run in collaboration with Moving Ahead. In 2023, we expanded our offering to also include Mission Include, open to individuals from all under-represented groups, including from ethnically diverse backgrounds, LGBTQ+, disabled and socially mobile backgrounds.

As the 30% Club’s approach has spread globally, Freshfields has maintained a close relationship and continued to support its efforts.

“We are delighted to have had Freshfields’ support and engagement from the very first cohort of the Mission Gender Equity mentoring and development programme, run by Moving Ahead in partnership with the 30% Club. Freshfields has been a valued client since 2013 and we treasure our long-standing partnership with them deeply.”

Liz Dimmock
Founder and CEO of Moving Ahead and 30% Club Global Steering Committee Member