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Dr. Patrick Cichy

Partner and Co-Head of our Global Markets Group

excellent content, strong client focus

Client, JUVE Handbook 2022/2023

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About Dr. Patrick Cichy

Patrick is a partner in our global transaction practice and Co-Head of our Global Markets Group.

Since joining the firm, he has worked across many industries with a particular focus on financial institutions.

Patrick is often recommended for financial institutions and corporate/M&A advice and has built long-term relationships with clients for whom he has acted.

He is very comfortable with complex, high-profile transactions. His MBA enables him to focus on and add value to the commercial aspects of each deal, while his nine-month secondment to Deutsche Bank’s M&A department in New York and his long-term advice in particular for Hamburg Commercial Bank mean Patrick understands the workings of large financial institutions. He also has good knowledge of the renewable energy and infrastructure/transport sectors. Often clients from the Nordics seek his legal advice.

Patrick is the co-head of our Global Markets Group and our lead country partner for the Nordics, the author of various publications and a regular speaker at conferences.

A native German speaker, Patrick also speaks English and French.

Recent work

  • Advising Hamburg Commercial Bank (ex HSH Nordbank) since 2009 on several large projects, including its restructuring, EU subsidy proceedings, recovery and resolution planning, AQR/stress test, sale of a €5bn non-performing shipping portfolio to a state-owned bad bank, sale of further several billion euro non-performing loan portfolios to the market as well as the bank's sale to Cerberus, JC Flowers, Goldentree, Centaurus and Bawag.
  • Advising NORD/LB on its restructuring.
  • Advising Deutsche Bank on strategic M&A, among others on the considered takeover of Commerzbank AG, the merger of Postbank AG and the sale of BHF-BANK.
  • Advising Deutsche Post on the sale of Deutsche Postbank to Deutsche Bank.
  • Advising the City of Hamburg on the partial privatisation of the Port of Hamburg (trade sale and IPO). The IPO included an innovative, award-winning tracking stock structure, the first of its kind for a German listed company.
  • Advising the German organizing committee in connection with the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin 2023 (Pro Bono).



  • Universities of Freiburg, Germany, and Grenoble, France (law)
  • University of Freiburg, Germany (doctorate in law and lecturer in law)
  • University of Wales, UK (Master of Business Administration, MBA)

Professional qualifications

  • Rechtsanwalt, Germany


  • Handbuch Corporate Governance von Banken und Versicherungen, 2. Aufl. 2020, (Patrick Cichy, in Hopt/Binder/Böcking (Hrsg.)) Corporate Governance und Insolvenzprävention: Der Einfluss der Sanierungs- und Abwicklungsplanung

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  • INSOL International: Bank Resolution: Key Issues and Local Perspectives, (Lars Westpfahl/Patrick Cichy) European Union: Overview and Comparative Perspective

  • Sanierungsplanung in Kreditinstituten, 2019, (Patrick Cichy, in Igl (Hrsg.)) Überblick über die aufsichtlichen Anforderungen [der Sanierungsplanung] (International, EU, D), speziell SI

  • Handbuch Bankaufsichtsrecht, 2018, (Patrick Cichy/Patrik Buchmüller/Andreas Igl, in Binder/Glos/Riepe (Hrsg.)) Sanierungs- und Abwicklungsplanung

  • Nachhaltigkeit im Bankensektor, 2016, (Patrick Cichy/Simone Schönen, in Bauer/Schuster (Hrsg.)) Das neue Sonderrecht für die Sanierung und Abwicklung von (Groß-)Banken: Der Weg zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit im Bankensektor (?)

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  • NZG 2013, 846, (Patrick Cichy/Rachid Wiersch/Johannes Cziupka) Voraussetzungen der Strafbarkeit der Geschäftsleiter von Kreditinstituten nach § 54a KWG n.F.

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