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About Dr. Swantje Jacklofsky

Swantje has joined the Firm in 2001 as an employment law associate. Since 2006, Swantje has been a member of our Firm’s global Legal Department and has led our Legal Department Germany/Austria together with the Risk Partner Germany. As such, she advises the firm on all legal risk and compliance matters, in particular on legal professional law, all regulatory and commercial matters, professional indemnity insurance and liability issues as well as anti-money laundering law, with respect to our dealing with insider lists and also with respect to internal employment law related projects and matters. Regularly she runs internal trainings for lawyers and business services. She is also a member of the Business Services Leadership Team.

Swantje speaks German, English and Russian.


Member of the Lawyers' Bar Association Duesseldorf since 2001 

Employment law qualified specialist lawyer since 2004



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