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New York Circular City initiative webinar 1 October 2020

Proposing a Positive Vision for the City

Imagine a New York City where no waste is sent to landfill, environmental pollution is minimized, and thousands of good jobs for people of all social and racial backgrounds are created through the intelligent use of products and raw materials. In other words a city that is thriving, green and just.

The New York Circular City Initiative, a collaboration between the city, leading businesses, financial institutions and thought leaders, will set out the concrete measures it developed over the past few months to transition New York City into a circular city, and the size of the opportunity the transition will present in terms of new jobs and economic growth and support the City’s economic recovery.

The webinar will include a presentation highlighting the findings of the Initiative's report - Complex Challenges, Circular Solutions - and a panel discussion with senior executives making the case for a circular New York City and sharing some of their organizations’ own actions.

The panel includes:

  • Joey Bergstein, CEO, Seventh Generation and Unilever North America Home Care Lead
  • Kate Daly, Managing Director Center for the Circular Economy, Closed Loop Partners
  • Oliver Dudok van Heel, Head of Client Sustainability and Environment, Freshfields
  • Joke Dufourmont, Lead Circular Jobs Initiative, Circle Economy
  • James Patchett, President and CEO, NYC Economic Development Corporation
  • Tom Szaky, CEO and Founder, TerraCycle
  • Timothy Wilkins, Global Partner for Client Sustainability, Freshfields

Date: Thursday, October 01, 2020


7.00 until 8.30 San Francisco 
10.00 until 11.30 New York
15.00 until 16.30 London
16.00 until 17.30 Central Europe

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