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Antitrust and competition

Antitrust litigation

For many years we have been involved in almost every major European cartel follow-on damages case, many abuse of dominance based damages actions and numerous other high-profile antitrust claims. We also have a strong antitrust litigation track record in the US and in managing the growing antitrust litigation risks across Asia.

Our leading practitioners have helped shape the law through their work on landmark cases and interaction with legislators and regulators. A history of acting for clients in cartel investigations has given us the unique advantage of bringing our litigation skills into play from the start of any case, thereby managing and controlling litigation risk from the outset: right from a dawn raid, through the regulatory process, and beyond to any civil damages claims. 

This experience, combined with our expertise in commercial litigation, public law, white-collar defence and compliance, has enabled us to establish an unmatched reputation for successfully defending clients. We have unrivalled expertise in coordinating the global defence of antitrust litigation involving multiple jurisdictions and claimants.

As well as being regarded as tough courtroom opposition, we recognise that timely settlement at an appropriate stage of litigation is often a desirable outcome, and we are known for offering the strategic and tactical skills to settle at an appropriate stage whether through mediation, arbitration or negotiation.

Given these strengths, our clients look to us to act as strategic advisors helping them to manage and reduce their international exposure whenever antitrust litigation looms.

The antitrust litigation team forms a key pillar in both our leading antitrust, competition and trade and dispute resolution groups.


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