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Common European Data Spaces

Status: In draft

European Health Data Space

Open Finance Data Space


The EU Commission aims to create EU-wide common, interoperable data spaces in strategic sectors to overcome existing legal and technical barriers to data sharing. The rules for common European data spaces will cover areas like health, mobility, environment, energy and agriculture, to:

  • make better use of publicly held data for research for the common good,
  • support voluntary data sharing by individuals, and
  • set up structures to enable key organisations to share data.


European data spaces will apply on a sector level to respective key holders. The European Commission plans to create data spaces in the following sectors: health, mobility, finance, manufacturing, environment, energy, agriculture, public administration, skills, science (Open Science Cloud). 

Key elements

According to the European strategy for data, key elements of the data spaces will be:

  • A secure and privacy-preserving infrastructure to pool, access, share, process and use data.
  • A clear and practical structure for access to and use of data in a fair, transparent, proportionate and/non-discriminatory manner and clear and trustworthy data governance mechanisms.
  • European rules and values, in particular personal data protection, consumer protection legislation and competition law, are fully respected.


The challenges for each of the planned EU data spaces will depend on the specifics of each sector with reoccurring points like data interoperability and portability and data access mechanisms.