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Andrew Tyrie – Challenges ahead for the new CMA Chairman

Andrew Tyrie’s background as a Conservative MP and Chairman of the Treasury Committee, is somewhat unusual for a chair of a regulatory authority, but may indeed prove to be useful as he leads the CMA through the significant challenges which lie ahead, chief among them navigating the Brexit transition and future enforcement of State aid rules in the UK.
Andrew Tyrie has a known interest in the financial services sector but has also highlighted the growing importance of the digital and online markets during a parliamentary hearing to confirm his appointment.  It is likely that Mr Tyrie will seek to be a consumer champion in quite a high profile way, and, unsurprisingly, has received parliamentary encouragement to do so and to adopt a stronger use of the CMA’s consumer protection powers.     
A link to the full briefing is available below: 

Andrew Tyrie – Challenges ahead for the new CMA Chairman
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