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In today's world of globalised politics, major states and international organisations such as the US, the EU and the UN are increasingly imposing sanctions on those countries whose actions conflict with international law.

Sanctions are imposed to advance the foreign policy and national security objectives of a single country or group of countries. Our sanctions team offers clients an international perspective on the legal impact and practical consequences of these sanctions on their operations around the world.

We advise on issues such as:

  • What companies can and can’t do under sanctions regulations and the consequences of any sanctions violations, including investigations and criminal prosecutions.
  • The consequences of sanctions on a company’s investments in a sanctioned country, for example claims of 'force majeure' under existing contracts.
  • Crisis management, for example getting staff out of a country and communicating with stakeholders.
  • Due diligence – analysing potential target companies and their assets to ensure they are not affected by sanctions and drafting the appropriate contractual caveats.

Our teams in the US, UK, Middle East and throughout the EU are vastly experienced and located close to the decision makers, regulators and prosecutors. We offer an international view with people who can advise on local issues.


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