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'Risk and compliance' podcast series

Managing risk in Asia #2: data, cybersecurity and people

2020 brought issues related to data, cybersecurity and people and conduct to the fore in unprecedented ways. How can legal and business leaders manage and prioritise these risks in 2021?

In this episode, Ninette Dodoo, Richard Bird and Stephanie Chiu of Freshfields and Kyung Kim of FTI Consulting discuss how to manage risks related to data privacy, cybersecurity and people and conduct. They cover topics ranging from:

  • How has data regulation evolved across Asia and what do businesses need to do to navigate the new regulations?
  • How should companies develop and implement cybersecurity policies which are both effective and defendable to regulatory bodies?
  • How has Covid-19 and the move to remote working impacted conduct risk and what are the logistical challenges of conducting investigations during the pandemic?

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