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'Risk and compliance' podcast series

Managing risk in Asia #1: geopolitical tensions and disputes

2020 was an unprecedented year of escalating geopolitical tensions and rapidly evolving business challenges. As we move into 2021, the ability to effectively map and respond to risk will remain central to success.  

In this episode, Ninette Dodoo, Nabeel Yousef and John Choong discuss how ongoing geopolitical tensions have reshaped risks, recent sanctions developments and the risk of disputes going forward. They provide practical tips for legal and business leaders and share insights on:

  • How Asian companies can effectively map risks related to US and China uncoupling and increased global protectionism.
  • How the evolving regulatory landscape in the sanctions arena is impacting deal viability.
  • How Asia fared when it comes to pandemic related disputes and how the law is developing and adapting.

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