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'Tax matters' podcast series

Tax matters: German election – what do the coalition developments mean for global and domestic tax policy?

The German federal election on 26 September 2021 marked the beginning of the end of Angela Merkel’s time as German Chancellor, however, the outcome of the election is still unclear.

No single party has yet been able to claim leadership of the Bundestag – although negotiations have begun between the Social Democrats, the Greens and the Liberals which could result in the so-called “traffic light” coalition.

In our latest podcast, senior knowledge lawyer Alison Dickie speaks to David Issmer, Freshfields’ Head of Public Affairs in Germany, and German tax partners David Beutel, Philipp Redeker and Georg Roderburg to discuss the German election results and what the “traffic light” coalition might mean for both global tax policy and the domestic German tax landscape as well as the potential implications for businesses with presence in Germany.

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