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'Fintech in focus' podcast series

Fintech in focus: paying cross-border

As payment-systems users are able to connect with businesses and individuals in other countries, at the tap of a screen, there is a rapidly growing need for those payment-systems to keep pace.

The infrastructure for cross-border payments has struggled to keep up with the demand for efficient and more closely integrated payment methods that support these developments. The key question is whether new technologies will be able to assist in improving the quality and speed of cross-border payments whilst making the infrastructure future-proof and safe?

In this podcast, Matt O’Callaghan (Head of Financial Services Asia), Stephan Pachinger (Finance and Capital Markets Partner) and Charlotte Witherington (Senior Associate, Financial Services) discuss the international efforts to improve cross-border payments, with a particular focus on the responses of Asia, the EU and the UK.  They also take a look at the roles that digital payments, central bank digital currencies and stablecoins may play in shaping the future of money.

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