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Mass claims

Environmental disputes

At Freshfields, we understand the profound implications that environmental mass claims hold for our clients, both in terms of their financial stability and their reputation. Our extensive experience, which spans across our global network, includes high profile cases that have shifted the landscape of environmental litigation.

From defending a client against allegations of environmental damage stemming from an oil pipeline in Colombia – a landmark case in the UK – to representing an international energy company in a ground-breaking climate change-related environmental dispute in Peru, our team is at the forefront of navigating the dynamic terrain of environmental mass claims.

We recognise the complexity of environmental mass claims and the impact these claims can have on our clients. In recent years, activist plaintiffs, ranging from non-governmental organisations to local municipalities, have brought human rights and climate change-related claims in an increasing number of jurisdictions. What was once considered a minor nuisance has rapidly evolved into a significant threat, demanding a robust response and a coordinated global strategy.

We work closely with our clients, taking into account all relevant factors, to:

  • help them navigate the multifaceted challenges and pressures they face from various angles;
  • conduct comprehensive horizon scanning for relevant legislative, regulatory and policy developments;
  • develop strategic responses to potential environmental litigation issues that may arise; and
  • defend against litigation and quasi-litigation proceedings.

We are keenly aware of the evolving, innovative legal strategies in this field, which encompasses human-rights based arguments, parent company liability issues and attribution science related to climate change-induced environmental damage.

Our strategic guidance and advice draws on a deep understanding of the claimant firms, NGOs and the dynamic funding landscape supporting them.

We also have a suite of innovative technology tools to help you keep ahead of the curve and anticipate trends and risks.

Our track record speaks volumes. We have handled some of the most significant, high-profile and landmark cases. Our expertise extends to claims founded on human rights principles, cases brought by NGOs and claims alleging a parent company’s responsibility for the actions of overseas subsidiaries or third-party suppliers. Our practical advice is informed by real-life courtroom experience. With a wealth of experience, a keen understanding of emerging trends and a global network of specialists, we deliver creative solutions and exceptional results for our clients.


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