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Data and cyber

Innovating to reduce cyber risk

Introducing the Freshfields Data Breach Notification Platform

Data – including personal data - is increasingly important to corporate success. However, cyber attacks and other data-related incidents are becoming more frequent, and the regulatory consequences of losing data are intensifying.

In the immediate aftermath of a data loss incident you will face a daunting list of urgent tasks. One of the most important is to notify the relevant regulatory authorities across the world – and you won’t have much time. In Europe, filings must be made within 72 hours of discovering the loss; any later and you will be in breach of local data protection law, increasing the risk of significant fines and negative publicity.

Instant assessment, reduced risk, enhanced control

That’s why we’ve developed the Freshfields Data Breach Notification Platform, a digital collaboration tool that helps us manage our clients’ regulatory response to a global data breach. Developed from our experience advising major multinationals on some of the biggest and most complex data loss incidents in the world, it provides an instant assessment of which authorities to notify and what information to provide.

Its sophisticated project management functionality keeps you in touch with every aspect of your response in real time, reducing your exposure and protecting your reputation.