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Data and cyber

Data privacy, security and transactions

In a connected economy, data is a valuable commodity. We can help you protect and maximize your rights in proprietary data sets, comply with the ever-more complex web of data privacy laws and other data regulation around the world, and prepare for and manage data security incidents.

With regulators increasingly investigating the privacy, antitrust and consumer law implications of different data uses, our integrated team across these disciplines can deliver comprehensive data strategies that withstand regulatory scrutiny from all sides.

We have market-leading experience on data crises, regulatory investigations and follow-on litigation, and have handled some of the biggest and most complex global data loss incidents including leading cases under Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Our data attorneys also leads on some of the most significant, global, data-driven deals. In an acquisition we can secure your rights in data (both from an intellectual property and regulatory perspective). And if you’re collaborating with others, our knowledge of what’s "market" in data licensing will ensure you maximize the value of your investment or partnership. Our global group can help you seize the opportunities in data while managing the risks.

Our data and cyber insights

Our data and cyber experience

Including: its acquisition of The Yield Book, a fixed income analytics platform, and Citi Fixed Income Indices, an index business comprising a family of fixed income indices; its investment in Nivaura Ltd, a fintech company offering digital platform solutions for end-to-end automation for issuance and administration of debt, equity and structured notes; and its acquisition of Refinitiv, a global provider of financial markets data and infrastructure.