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Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts

Freshfields is delighted to have been selected to contribute to the recently published Fifth Edition of Robert L. Haig’s Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts, an indispensable guide for New York litigators. Brimming with practical advice, this leading treatise features contributions by esteemed New York State judges and leading New York practitioners.

The Fifth Edition contains a brand new chapter entitled “Comparison with Commercial Litigation in Foreign Courts,” which provides insightful analysis of the strategic considerations to bear in mind when choosing to litigate in New York versus an alternative common law forum (such as England or Australia), or civil law forum (such as France, Germany, or Russia). The chapter was drafted by four litigation attorneys in Freshfields’ New York office: Linda H. Martin (Partner), Rob McCallum (Of Counsel), David Livshiz (Counsel), and Scott A. Eisman (Special Counsel), all of whom have extensive experience with litigating in New York state courts, as well as in other state and federal courts across the United States, and in a variety of global and cross-border disputes.

Although principally a New York litigation treatise, the cross-border nature of this new Chapter meant that the authors drew on the expertise and experience of colleagues from around the Freshfields network. These include Samantha Trevan and Ashmita Garrett (England and Wales), Dimitri Lecat and Viviane Tse (France), Michael Rohls and Julius Goldmann (Germany), and Alexey Yadykin and Mikhail Kalinin (Russia). Associates Elena Hadjimichael and Weronika Bukowski, along with trainee solicitor Lydia Ream, also provided valuable assistance in preparing the final text for publication.

A joint venture of Thomson Reuters and the New York County Lawyers' Association, the Fifth Edition of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts is now available for purchase. If you have any questions, please reach out to Linda Martin.