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The EU’s P2B regulation - what you need to know

The EU regulation on platform-to-business relations (Regulation (EU) 2019/1150, the P2B Regulation) quietly entered into force in July this year. With much focus on the Digital Services Act (DSA) package and the so-called New Competition Tool (NCT), the P2B Regulation has been somewhat under the radar - yet has introduced significant constraints to the contractual freedom of a number of online intermediaries, such as online platforms and search engines, and provided for new rights for business users which rely on the services they provide.

This briefing and compliance checklist takes a closer look at the potentially far-reaching implications of the P2B Regulation for platform businesses, and outlines what you need to know and how to approach compliance.

FBD P2B Regulation 2020
(PDF - 1 MB)

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