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'Transactions' podcast series

Essential Antitrust #33: Antitrust insights in Asia: navigating complex regulations and investment challenges

Over the past few years, competition law regimes in Asia have been undergoing dynamic changes and there has been a noticeable uptick in enforcement since the end of the pandemic. In our latest episode of our Essential Antitrust podcast, we provide a bird’s eye view of the intricate world of antitrust and foreign investments screening in this rapidly evolving region.

Join our host Jenn Mellott, as she engages in a thought-provoking discussion with a panel including Kaori Yamada, head of our Asia antitrust practice in Tokyo, Ninette Dodoo, partner in Beijing, Laurent Bougard, counsel in Hong Kong, and Hazel Yin, partner from RuiMin Law Firm in Beijing. Together, they provide unique insights into the complexities and challenges facing business in the region. From the fast-paced changes in competition law enforcement, to the impact of geopolitical tensions on merger control and foreign investment, this episode covers it all. Tune in to stay ahead in the dynamic world of antitrust and foreign investment in Asia.

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