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Navigating EU BT 21

The European Commission’s ambitious package for tax reform “Business Taxation for the 21st Century” (BT 21) sets out a framework for transforming the tax system over the coming years, as well as mechanisms for enabling “fair and sustainable” growth.

Against the backdrop of ongoing global discussions proposing wide-reaching tax reform, we expect tax to continue to be headline news.

With major changes to the tax landscape on the horizon, our team can help you navigate through the developments as they unfold.

You can also listen to our team of international tax experts discussing the EU BT 21 package in our podcast.

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Transforming taxation for MNEs



Publication of EU BT 21

Commission publishes recommendation on losses

Publication of EU BT 21



CBAM proposal

Proposal to revise Emission Trading System

Proposal to amend Energy Taxation Directive


Proposal for a new 'own resources' decision

Digital levy proposal to be reviewed

OECD Pillar 2 Directive proposal

ATAD 3 (shell companies) proposal

Proposal for publishing effective tax rates


DEBRA proposal

OECD Pillar 1 Directive proposal

Proposal for changes to Interest and Royalties Directive

Symposium on Changing EU Tax Mix on road to 2050

DAC 8 proposal due to be adopted*


BEFIT proposal

Proposal to amend VAT Directive (maritime and air passenger transport)*

DAC 7 rules take effect*


Proposal for additional new 'own resources': potential Financial Transactions Tax and/or Corporate Sector 'own resource'

First Public Country-by-Country reports*


Changing tax framework for multinationals


Supporting recovery and strengthening the single market


Transparency and trust


Going green


*Indicates measures outside the BT 21 package.
Please note that all dates are indicative only.